Live Roulette: Top Tables and Casinos 2020

Evolution Gaming
Live Immersive Roulette
Name:Immersive Roulette
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$1-$2000
Bonus:100% up to $100
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Authentic Gaming
Live Blaze Roulette
Name:Blaze Roulette
Provider:Authentic Gaming
Table Limits:$0.5-$1000
Bonus:100% up to $100
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Live Speed Roulette
Name:Speed Roulette
Table Limits:$0.5-$2000
Bonus:100% up to 250 AUD
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Evolution Gaming
Live VIP Roulette
Name:VIP Roulette
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$1-$2000
Bonus:100% up to 250 AUD
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Evolution Gaming
Live Lightning Roulette
Name:Lightning Roulette
Casino:7Bit Casino
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$0.2-$2000
Bonus:100% up to $100
7Bit Casino
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Evolution Gaming
Live Auto Roulette
Name:Auto Roulette
Casino:7Bit Casino
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$0.1-$2000
Bonus:100% up to $100
7Bit Casino
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Evolution Gaming
Live Dragonara Roulette
Name:Dragonara Roulette
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$1-$500
Bonus:100% up to 500 AUD
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Evolution Gaming
Live Double Ball Roulette
Name:Double Ball Roulette
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Table Limits:$0.25-$4500
Bonus:100% up to 500 AUD
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Roulette is one of the most widely played, most popular casino games in both land-based and online gambling facilities. Among all the variations, live dealer roulette is the closest players can get to the real casino feel while not having to leave their homes.

These games feature actual real-world croupiers, who take the experience to a whole new level of excitement. This definitely adds a greater deal of social interactions, which is not possible when playing the standard virtual versions in online casinos. The game in this format is trendy among players from all over the globe, and Australia is not an exception. As such, live roulette in Australia features all sorts of bonuses and exclusive perks for more fun and thrills.

Players from Australia and other areas who are interested in trying proper dealer roulette can find some of the most trusted, best live roulette casino venues listed here at Roulette77. With all the valuable information on the topic we've collected for you, finding an online casino to play live will take only minutes.

Best Online Casinos to Play Live Roulette

The choice of live roulette is not always easy, but when you know what to look for, you will always play the best games and experience the best table limits. With this said, here are the criteria Roulette77 uses to make sure you always have access to the best version of roulette. We will look into at least eight criteria when issuing a recommendation.

First, we want to know that the casino we recommend is secure and thoroughly check the status of SSL encryption. Next, we know for a fact that reputation in this industry means a whole lot that’s why we conduct careful research of what players think about the casino. Our team will also verify the license, making sure it’s genuine.

A preferred live roulette casino will also include a great variety of live games. In addition, Australian players will be happy to know they can play and bet with their local currency. Not last, the casinos we recommend will offer great table limits and fast payouts to make the experience quick and free of worry.

All of these criteria put together, allow us to list only the best live roulette sites worth your money, time and attention.

Casino Bonus Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live games Join
1 100% first deposit up to 2000 AUD Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 100+ Bonus
100% first deposit up to 2000 AUD
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2 100% first deposit UP TO 250 AUD Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 100+ Bonus
100% first deposit UP TO 250 AUD
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3 100% first deposit daily Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 10+ Bonus
100% first deposit daily
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4 $4,000 up to 500 AUD Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 70+ Bonus
$4,000 up to 500 AUD
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5 100% deposit match up to $200 Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 200+ Bonus
100% deposit match up to $200
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6 100% deposit match up to $100 Payment methods Accepts AU players Native tables Live Roulette Games 150+ Bonus
100% deposit match up to $100
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How Does the Game Work?

In this section, we examine the basic principles of mobile roulette and desktop versions. While playing any game of this kind, players get simulated betting boards just like the ones they get when playing the game in land-based venues. However, instead of hitting the spin button to start their gaming sessions when they are ready, the game’s croupiers with whom players can interact during their gaming sessions spin the ball when the time is right.

This is actually one of the significant differences between playing the live and virtual versions of the game. Since the croupier at these tables is human, she or he is the one calling bets, spinning the wheel and doing all other actions which are handled by software in standard online versions. When it comes to live roulette in Australia based casinos, they usually feature female dealers, but there are some websites with males who spin the wheel as well.

It is worth mentioning that certain online casinos offer players a chance to pick their dealers, which is another advantage. Furthermore, all titles with real dealers feature proper certified wheels as well, making it impossible for the casino to offer rigged wheels in any way. These titles are now available in most online casinos, and you can play either through the downloaded software or right in your web-browser when playing at instant play casinos.

In fact, the majority of the best live dealer roulette casinos offer instant play or no download gaming sessions. It is the most convenient option, allowing punters to play as soon as they sign up. As previously mentioned, all of the actions taking place are usually recorded by several cameras, one recording the table overview, the other one focused more closely on the table, and another one recording the wheel and what is happening there.

The third camera usually travels from the roulette wheel back to the croupier and so on. This broadcast is then watched on the punters’ portable device, desktop computer or even TV set thanks to the most modern, real-time stream technology. In its essence, the live game is no different from any other version. In other words, the same rules apply, the same strategies can be used, and the same payout rates are expected. On a side note, live tables tend to offer higher stakes, which is ideal for high-rollers.

Live Roulette variations

Casinos have always been popular, but it seems that their popularity has gone through the roof with the appearance of the internet. Online gaming took everything to the next level, including the choice of games to play, bonus deals and other promotions, and 24/7 availability. Everything was great except one thing - providing players a feeling like they are in a real casino. That is where live roulette comes into play.

Live dealer roulette provides a unique and authentic experience and makes you feel like you are in the room with the dealer. It doesn’t come as strange that it is an extremely attractive game for players from the United Kingdom.

American Roulette

This is one of the most popular live versions of the game you will find. Apart from the unique HD stream, you will find in each game, there is the double zero (00), which adds another aspect to the gameplay.

This version is also the game that offers the so-called five-number bets, an interesting addition that promises to give you yet another betting opportunity to test. At the same time, live American variant is known for its slightly higher house edge (5.26%), which might discourage some players, but take heart.

The flexible limits and great dealers will make your experience worthwhile.

Speed Roulette

If you think the live dealers are taking too long with the wheel, you can now change that. Speed Roulette is in fact there to cut down on the traditional wheel spin, which takes around 25 seconds to complete and helps you see the outcome sooner.

The custom design of the game and the 50 extra rounds you can cram in an hour are definitely reason enough to give this popular Evolution Gaming option a chance. The tables will of course be available 24/7, making it very easy for you to join and place a few auspicious bets of your own.

Double Ball Roulette

Another great live dealer option is Double Ball Roulette. This game has some outside bets that will give you an outstanding chance to hit a 1300:1 payout and let you talk to the croupier so that you get any questions answered in real-time.

There are at least two developers who have made sure to bring you this outstanding variant, with both Evolution Gaming and Ezugi running their own versions! If you manage to guess the bets on both balls, you stand to hit the aforementioned 1300:1 payout, and there are other perks as well.

Keen to find out what specifically? Give this one a chance!

French Roulette

French Roulette must be one of the best versions of the game. Australians are bound to find it highly entertaining and enjoy the La Partage and En Prison rules which make sure that you reduce the house edge to something that some players dare even call negligible.

Of course, the house edge will still be somewhat helpful to the casino’s own ambitions, but the French live version is played in an exquisite environment and an attractive dealer. And, if you wanted to, you could always find a French-language version of the game to add to the authenticity of the experience!

Auto (Slingshot) Roulette

Without any surprises here, Australian players will experience another Evolution Gaming special – Slingshot. But what is this version of the game, and is it really worth your while?

There are some very clear advantages to choose this option. For starters, the return rate is excellent at 2.70%. You will get to enjoy the roulette game streamed in HD and in real-time, helping you feel like you are at an actual casino and having a blast.

The betting limits will be very generous and you will have no trouble playing this single-zero iteration of the popular casino classic. Eager to play? You can start right now.

Double Wheel Roulette

In iGaming, there is a simple saying: two wheels are always better than one. That is the exact same formula Double Wheel Roulette follows to deliver twice the fun and offer some very decent payouts.

In the Authentic Gaming version at least, you will immediately notice that the Straight Up bet actually pays a little better – 36:1 instead of the usual single zero rate, 35:1. This is done to help you drive better results.

In fact, almost all bets in this variant tend to be slightly better adjusted to benefit the player more. For the nonce, you can enjoy a version where the bias sides with the player a little more so than with the casino.

European roulette

European roulette is another popular version of the game. It offers a fair house edge and a good opportunity to turn profit yourself. You can play randomly or adopt a viable strategy that would allow you to progress and expand your bankroll at a good pace. Most versions allow you to bet as little as $0.20 per single spin of the wheel. With this in mind, we invite you to take a look at some of the games and European roulette casinos we recommend. Don't forget that a bonus is also a possibility, especially if you want to stick with table games in the future.

Pros and Cons of Playing with Live Dealers

What makes real dealer roulette so special is the experience that players get at the table. It is the closest they can get to playing the game in its traditional environment at land-based casinos. However, this is far from being the only benefit of live games. There are more pros which cannot be taken advantage of when playing the standard virtual versions.

Live roulette offers higher maximum stakes allowed, more generous bonuses such as free chips, social interactions, better gaming experience, and several other perks and benefits. Let's take a look at some pros and cons of playing live when compared with traditional virtual versions.

As previously mentioned, one of the significant advantages of live games of roulette over virtual variants is the ability to keep track of what is happening during every gaming session, which guarantees absolute fairness. Moreover, the technology which is used by these games including the most modern real-time stream technology leaves no room for doubt or suspicion simply because players can track every single physical element with their own eyes in real-time.

One of the bigger disadvantages is that you can’t play for fun with the streaming version. Demo mode is available only in the virtual version.

Many online casinos offer players loads of bonuses and promos related specifically to live games, which is definitely another perk. While games of this kind come in different variations, there are still fewer of them when compared to standard virtual ones which come in all forms and shapes.

The usually higher table limits is another thing worth mentioning. Since these games are much more pricey to organize than standard variations, online casinos usually pose higher stakes to justify the maintenance. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some players appreciate higher stakes allowed, while others would like to see smaller stakes also accepted.

Speaking of the disadvantages, these games are not available at all casinos and sometimes players have to wait for a while to get seated as there is a limited number of tables and spots at a single table. On the other hand, with all these advantages, it is worth waiting.

  • The ability to keep track of what is happening
  • The technology does not leave any room for suspicion
  • Authentic gaming experience
  • The ability to chat with the croupier
  • Higher betting limits with bigger maximum stakes allowed
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Different variants including speed, turbo, mini and auto roulette
  • Some players found the sounds too annoying
  • Running tables with real dealers is much more expensive
  • Increased minimum stakes available
  • Slower gameplay
  • Limited table capacity
  • A chance for an error or technical issue emerging

Leading Casino Software

Some of the biggest brands in the industry manufacturing real dealer games, including live roulette game, are Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, and Playtech. These companies are not only known for their dealer solutions, but also for their other, first-class titles including all sorts of slots, classic table games, and much more.

When playing with real dealers, is it possible for the dealer to see the players?
One of the most significant advantages of playing live games is being able to interact with the human dealer during the gameplay. While players see the dealer as he or she manages the game, the dealer himself cannot see the player.
Can I try these titles for free in online casinos?
Since real dealer games are much more expensive to offer as they require special areas, studios, dealers and physical equipment, they are not offered for free play like standard online casino games. Due to pricey maintenance, live casino games can be only played for real money.
Are the basic principles and rules the same as in virtual versions?
Yes, players who are familiar with the standard online roulette game will have no issues switching to live roulette games as the rules and basics remain the same. Both live and online roulette use the same game’s elements including the same table, wheel, ball, layout as well as the same payouts for specific betting options.
Are these titles available for play on portable devices?
Yes, the majority of the top-rated platforms allow players to try live dealer games via all sorts of gaming devices including tablets and smartphones running on iOS and Android. This means that players can enjoy all kinds of live dealer games at any time as well as at any place.
Do I get to choose between private and group tables?
While the majority of tables offered can be accessed by every interested player, some online casinos allow players to form their groups and play at private tables, typically with higher stakes offered.
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