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Top 3 Roulette Games 2022

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European Roulette
Roulette77 Software
$ 1 - ∞
American Roulette
Roulette77 Software
$ 1 - ∞
Advanced Roulette
Netent Software
$ 0.1 - 5000
Mini Roulette
Playtech Software
$ 0.1 - 10000
Vip American Roulette
Gaming1 Software
$ 1 - 800
European Roulette
Gaming1 Software
$ 0.1 - 80
3d American Roulette
CasinoWebScripts Software
$ 5 - 25000
Live Roulette
InBet Games Software
$ 10 - ∞
European Roulette
EvoPlay Software
$ 0.1 - 500
American Roulette
EvoPlay Software
$ 1 - 100
Classic Roulette
One Touch Software
$ 1 - 10000
Zoom Roulette
Nucleus Gaming Software
$ 1 - 100
Play for real money

Why You Should Play Free Roulette

Like all other casino games, roulette can be played absolutely free of charge. In the demo version of roulette, there are no time, features, or betting limits: there is no actual difference, except that real money is not used. Playing roulette for free is not just a fun experience, it also offers many advantages. For example:

You learn the rules by practicing
There are different betting options in roulette, and it can take a long time to learn what they all include and how much they pay. Therefore, playing in demo mode allows you to practice and learn the rules without taking any risks.
You test different strategies
There are multiple strategies that increase your chances of winning at roulette or determine how you should manage your bankroll. You can test them in free roulette games to find out which ones work and which is best for you.
There is no need to share your personal information
Moreover, you do not need to download anything. Demo roulette games can be played by simply pressing the "play" button. At Roulette 77, we do not want our visitors to register, download a program or share personal information with us.
You can get a completely casual experience
When playing roulette for real money, you are subject to various constraints, both in terms of budget and time. You need to carefully consider every bet you place and avoid overspending. But in free roulette online, you don't have to worry about financials as no real money is used.

Variants of Roulette Games

Whether you play for fun or real money, there are three main variants of roulette, and on Roulette 77, we offer all of them.

  • European roulette is the most common variant out there: Its wheel contains one zero and 37 numbers in total. The house edge of the game is 2.70% and this is the best option for beginners.
  • American roulette has two zeros (0 and 00) and 38 numbers in total on the wheel. Due to the additional zero, its house edge is slightly higher (5.26%) and there is a special bet option called “basket bet” in this variant.
  • French roulette is basically the European variant, but it is played with additional betting rules (la partage or en prison) that refund some of the losses on bets. For the same reason, its house edge can be as low as 1.35%.

You can, of course, find lots of other games such as mini roulette, 3D roulette, and double ball roulette, but all of them will be based on one of these main variants. We invite you to try them all!

roulette variations


What is the peculiarity of playing free roulette on the Roulette77 website?
We offer you a selection of the latest & most popular roulette games out there and let you choose a game based on different features such as the table limits, variant, and developer. More importantly, we allow our visitors to play free roulette without registration: You can simply click the “play” button and that’s it.
What is the autoplay function in roulette and when to use it?
This function automatically spins the wheel with the chosen bet option and the bet value until you stop it (or it reaches a certain number of spins in total). If you are using bet options that pay the same (red/black, odd/even, low/high) and do not want to change the bet value for a while, it will save you from clicking the spin button each and every time.
Is it possible to play Live Roulette for free?
No. Live roulette games can only be played for real money. This is because there is a real croupier on the screen who gets paid, and no company can offer such a service where you get to play for free, but the croupier still gets paid.
Do I have to download the game?
There is no need to download anything. We offer HTML5 games on our website that can run on any web browser, no matter what the device model and/other operating system is. You don’t need to use a mobile app either: As long as you have a device with an internet connection and a web browser, you can play without downloading.
How is European roulette different from American roulette?
European roulette contains only one “0” and 37 numbers in total on the wheel. American roulette, on the other hand, contains an additional “0” section on the wheel so it has 38 numbers in total. This increases its house edge by around 2.5%.
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