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Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

Last updated: 04.01.2024 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2018
Variation single zero
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers x50-500
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Lightning Roulette

National Casino
Table limits AUD 1 - 5000

Lightning Roulette is one of the most compelling versions of the game. It provides a unique live dealer experience that is unlike any other version of this game you have tried in the past. Created by Evolution Gaming and featuring some unique gameplay features, such as a 500x multiplier, you will find this title to be a compelling product. The game was created and released in 2018 and it features a very unique gameplay mechanic that makes it one of the absolute best on the market.

Its multipliers make sure that every time you play, you stand to win a solid amount. Players find Live Lightning Roulette online to be one of the most worthwhile iterations of this classic, even though there are some small drawbacks. If you are a gambler at heart, you will find the specific mechanics of the game a blast! Let's have a look and see what makes this version so popular in Australia.

Lightning Roulette Characteristics and Features

So you are probably dying to know what makes this game so special. Well, it's right there in the name. This Evolution title has a special feature called the "lightning," which will trigger a condition whereby you can quickly up the amount you end up winning. The game itself follows the basic rules of a European Live Roulette, whereby you only have a single zero to worry about.

However, things quickly get more exciting when you consider the lightning which triggers the Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts and that, in turn, leads to several possible multipliers which are always welcome. These multipliers are worth:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x

You don't have to worry about any additional rules here as it's all randomized, which adds to your comfort and enjoyment from the game. While you can still use a general winning strategy and play the game from a mobile device, it helps to know that most of it are based on chance.

You can play Lightning roulette in a casino and savor the high-resolution picture that is streamed from a dedicated studio, all courtesy of Evolution Gaming.

Bet Payout
Straight up 29:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Table Limits

Betting limits for Lightning Roulette may vary by casino. Typically, a wide range is set, giving players the flexibility to wager at levels that suit their budget and style of play. Limits are therefore determined by the casino itself and players should check with casinos for the exact limits that apply to the game.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other game out there, Lightning Roulette has its strengths and features that could have been better. Evolution has created a game that provides you with perfect tradeoffs where you get access to some outstanding features but are required to sacrifice some familiar benefits. Overall, the game is a fantastic pick, and here is what we think.

  • Exciting gameplay that is not available anywhere else
  • A lighting feature that is quickly catching up across live games
  • Numerous ways to boost your payouts off a single bet
  • Huge return on a single bet if you are lucky enough to hit the 500x multiplier
  • High-definition streaming and fantastic overall compatibility
  • Only a single zero on the wheel making the game much easier to navigate
  • No ways to control the special features
  • Bigger overall house edge because of the multipliers
  • Your strategies will get stilted because of the random triggers

Tips for Lightning Roulette

  • Take advatage of multipliers

    Although they offer some variety and additional betting options, multipliers do not give players an advantage over the mathematics of roulette. The underlying mathematics of roulette is invariant and depends entirely on chance. The laws of probability always apply here with the same ratio of wins and losses for each spin. No multiplier or bidding system will increase your chances of winning and all spins will be equal in terms of benefit. The odds calculation is identical to that of a standard table, which means that even if a round has a multiplier x500, for example, this does not change the ratio of your potential winnings to your stake. The only difference is that the multiplier can allow you to win higher amounts on certain spins if you bet correctly.

  • Rely on multiple straight up bets

    To maximise your chances of hitting the jackpot and taking full advantage of all that Lightning Roulette has to offer, full bets are ideal. With a 2.7% probability rate, it's wise to cover more full bets to improve your chances - including getting more luck with multipliers! To further increase the success rate, outside bets should also be included when forming a betting pool.

  • Standard betting patterns may not work here

    If you want to test patterns that involve full bets within the standard European Roulette rules, Lightning Roulette is probably not for you, simply because the odds of these bets are lower in this game, so you won't get the odds statistics you want and it will affect your playing budget.


What is the RTP of Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette's RTP is 97.3%, which is slightly higher than the RTP of American roulette games. The additional 2.7% is the house edge.

What makes Lightning Roulette different from standard roulette?

Lightning Roulette offers an extra layer of excitement with the addition of a random multiplier bonus, which can increase your winnings up to 500x on any given spin. It also has a unique racetrack betting feature, allowing players to bet on multiple numbers quickly and easily. Another difference is that full bets without multiplication in Lightning Roulette pay 29:1 instead of the 35:1 of standard European Roulette.

What is the best strategy for Lightning Roulette?

The best strategy for Lightning Roulette depends on individual preferences. Ultimately, the goal is to cover as much of the wheel and table as possible with your bets. A good approach is to place several straight bets on the wheel and add outside bets (columns, dozens, red/black) to increase your chances of winning.

What are multipliers and how do they work?

Multipliers are bonus features that appear randomly only on full bets. When a multiplier is activated, it increases the payout of the bet up to 500 times its original value. The calculation of the odds remains unchanged, regardless of the multiplier that is applied. In other words, the ratio of the potential payout to the initial bet will remain the same.

What are the best casinos for Lightning Roulette?

In general, there is no difference, because whether you play in Casino #1 or Casino #2, you are playing the same game in a live studio. A certain casino is just a gateway to that game. But you have to choose a casino from the point of view of fairness of conditions and policy - their withdrawal conditions must be clear, otherwise you may fail in your withdrawal process and be banned by a casino. It is best to look for tested casinos.

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