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Strategy Simulator


Designed for a singular purpose, this instrument allows you to assess and replicate various roulette strategies and betting sequences. Our roulette strategy simulator employs a Random Number Generator (RNG) to imitate game moves in alignment with designated betting algorithms and input parameters. Now, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using the Roulette Strategy tester.

  1. Users place bets, be it a single wager or multiple ones, in accordance with a chosen betting pattern or strategy. The available chip values range from 0.1 units to 500 units. To enhance user convenience, we've introduced a specific "Total Bet" category, indicating the combined value of all placed bets.
  2. The subsequent stage is quite straightforward. Simply select the number of spins within the designated cell, ranging from 10 to 1000 spins.
  3. In the adjacent "Starting balance" cell, establish your initial balance by choosing a value between 100 and 100,000 units.
  4. The following cell, labeled "Additional settings," allows you to opt for one of three bet progression variants.
    1. Default Mode: This setting is characterized by flat betting, where the same bet value is applied for each spin.
    2. Double after loss: As implied by its name, in this mode, your bet is doubled after each loss, and after a win, it reverts to the initial bet. For instance, if you place 1 unit on "Red" and experience a loss, our tool automatically elevates your next bet to 2 units. Now, picture a successful next spin where you win; your subsequent bet value returns to the initial 1 unit.
    3. Double after win: In this contrary option, your bet is doubled after every win, and after a loss, it returns to the initial bet value.
  5. Moreover, users possess the ability to revoke earlier bets through the "UNDO" button or erase all bets using the matching "CLEAR" button.
  6. After configuring all necessary parameters, commencing the simulation on the roulette strategy tester is accomplished with a mere click on the "Start" button.
  7. As noted above, the Strategies Tester is built on RNG, foreseeing the winning number for each round using this number generator. Additionally, in accordance with RNG algorithms, various parameters of each round's output are outlined. In the final analysis, users receive a table showcasing the following result cells:
    1. Round - indicate the round ID number.
    2. Number - displays the winning number generated by the RNG mechanism.
    3. Status - furnishes details on the round result, indicating whether it's a win or a loss.
    4. Bet - represents the total sum of bets placed in the current round.
    5. Payout - indicates the amount received or lost based on the round's outcome.
    6. Balance - reflects the balance state contingent on the round's result.
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