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American Roulette

Play American Roulette with Live Dealer!
Play American Roulette with Live Dealer!
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European Roulette
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Table of contents

    American Roulette differs from other versions of the game as it has two zeroes instead of one. This makes it unique compared to the typical single zero roulette versions. However, for those who are familiar with the game, the added five-number bet can have advantages if used correctly. If you are new to American Roulette online, don't worry, we can assist you in learning more about the game and its features.

    The American Roulette Wheel & Table Explained

    When it comes to the representation of the available numbers, the American Roulette wheel and table are rather similar to other roulette games. All the bet types are logically laid out, with the only difference with other roulette types being the implementation of another field - the 00 (popularly known as the ‘Double Zero’). While the double zero might increase the house edge when playing other roulette bet types, it also represents another field that you can bet on, and it can form the unique five-number bet, which has a 5:1 potential payout with 16.22% odds to land.

    Roulette Wheel & Table

    How To Play American Roulette?

    If you’re eager to find out how to play American roulette, the procedure is rather simple. The logic behind the game is fairly straightforward, and if you have ever played another roulette game, you probably know the ordeal. All you need to do is follow this simple sequence of actions:

    1. Choose a reputable Aussie casino that offers American Roulette online
    2. Choose a version with or without Surrender Rule, start the game, and get seated
    3. Pick the bet size and place the wager on the betting type of your choice
    4. Click on the ‘Spin’ button to get the game started
    5. Collect your winnings or place new bets for the next round.

    After the last step, it is up to you to either repeat the sequence or withdraw from the game. Note that it is important to understand the rules and betting options of American Roulette before playing to increase your chances of winning.

    Bets, Odds, And Payouts

    The American Roulette wheel, popularized in the United States, offers a unique twist with its two zeros on the traditional wheel. This does not change the bet options, which include Straights, Splits, Streets, Corners, Six Lines. However, this version adds a new five-number bet covering 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00.

    Besides that, the table layout is standard. It includes Columns, Dozens, Even/Odd, Red/Black, and High/Low wagers available. The odds for these bets vary, with higher payouts for fewer numbers, but lower chances of hitting them.

    To increase your chances of winning, consider placing Outside bets, which have a decent chance of winning with a house edge of 5.26% - which is the smallest house edge you can get in American Roulette online.This applies to both online and land-based American Roulette.

    Straight up 35:1 2,60%
    Split 17:1 5,30%
    Street 11:1 7,90%
    Corner 8:1 10,50%
    Six Line 5:1 15,80%
    Column 2:1 31,60%
    Dozen 2:1 31,60%
    Even/Odd 1:1 47,40%
    Red/Black 1:1 47,40%
    High/Low 1:1 47,40%
    Bets, odds, and payouts

    The House Edge Explained

    As previously stated, the house edge in American Roulette is slightly higher at 5.26% due to the presence of two zeros. However, a special rule known as the ‘Surrender Rule’ applies when the ball lands on a zero or double zero, allowing players to recover some of their lost wager. This rule greatly improves the odds for players and makes American Roulette online a more attractive option.

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    American Roulette Strategies

    Keep in mind that American Roulette is similar to the standard version, but with the added presence of two zeros. The surrender rule applies in case of a zero or double zero outcome, improving the payouts.

    Two popular strategies that work well in American Roulette online are Martingale and Fibonacci. However, it is important to start with small bets to avoid reaching the table limit too quickly. Remember to play responsibly and enjoy your gameplay.

    Quick Tips

    When it comes to the American Roulette wheel, the most beneficial tip we can give you is to look for a casino that implements the Surrender Rule. Although some casinos choose not to implement this rule, which might put you in a disadvantage, there are many casinos that roll with it. Another tip would be to practice responsible gambling and manage your bankroll.

    Live American Roulette

    Live American Roulette online offers an immersive gaming experience by allowing players to play with a live dealer. The game is streamed from a professional studio and utilizes overlay software to facilitate the game-play and make it more engaging. It's a great option for those who want to enjoy the thrill of playing roulette in a real casino setting, but from the comfort of their own home.

    Play for money (AUD) in best casinos 2024!


    In summary, American Roulette online is an exciting variation of the game that offers an extra element of excitement with the addition of a double zero. Players can take advantage of this by utilizing the Surrender Rule or placing bets on the new five-number option. It's a great game to play and offers plenty of opportunities for players to have a good time.


    Is American Roulette a Safe Game to Play?

    Absolutely. If you play American Roulette at a safe, Roulette77-approved and reviewed casino, there’s nothing to worry about when playing this game.

    Is American Roulette Better than European Roulette?

    There are advantages and disadvantages of each game. While European Roulette has a lower house edge, the Surrender Rule feature of American Roulette makes it more exciting. Ultimately, they’re similar in many ways, and it all comes down to player preference.

    Can I Use Some Tricks To Win More at American Roulette?

    No. There are no tricks that you can use to win more at the American Roulette wheel. Although you can use different strategies such as Martingale or Fibonacci, ultimately, you have to rely on getting lucky.

    Can I Play American Roulette Online?

    Yes. The majority of online casinos have American Roulette as a part of their game library, and you can play it at your own leisure.

    What’s The Best Strategy to Use At American Roulette?

    Although there are many strategies you can use while playing American Roulette, there’s no single strategy that can give you an unmatched advantage, since all of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

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