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Welcome to Roulette77, a multi-language network where gamblers from all over the world come to play online roulette and get extended expert advice on this game. The compilation of selected demo games from best-known casino software providers, guides with useful tips, rules and strategies, and objective and accurate casino offers for those roulette players seeking for real money experience - these are the most suitable words to describe our project. But what especially sets us apart from the crowd is our purpose: to popularize responsible roulette culture worldwide. Yes, we operate in 196 different countries and our content is available in more than 80 languages, thus making it possible to spread proper gaming entertainment from modern megapolises to the most remote corners of Earth.

Our team consists not just of amateurs, but real gaming industry specialists who have proven their expertise in numerous successful projects in collaboration with famous casino brands. Roulette is the subject of our inspiration and passion. We create, we play, we enlighten!

Our Features

  • Each of 196 countries gets its own content

    Australian players have different needs. Knowing this, we have created a global network: it covers 196 different countries and supports more than 80 languages. In every country we serve, we prepare content specific to that country. We offer different content for Australia and content for other countries to ensure that everyone gets the most appropriate information.

  • We present 100+ most-played roulette games

    There are more than 100 games that you can play for free on Roulette77. This is the most exclusive and diverse roulette collection on the internet: it includes games from the most respected developers in the industry and our own European/American roulette games.

  • We also reviewed more than 100 online casinos and selected the best ones

    Our visitors can immediately start playing for real money by using the knowledge they have acquired in Roulette77. This is because we have already selected the best online casinos for this job. While choosing these casinos, we consider criteria such as game variety, bonus terms, payment methods, customer support, as well as regional needs.

  • We get thousands of visitors every month

    Our extraordinary content ensures that we get thousands of visitors every month because we use features such as challenges and wizards that can answer personal questions instead of boring and ordinary content when giving information about roulette. We have no traffic problems: we know how to generate traffic and how to retain it.

Our Mission

  • Spread responsible roulette culture worldwide

  • Provide ultimate roulette entertainment

  • Being a gateway to safe roulette casinos

  • Educate and give an advice on playing roulette

Our Team

  • Andrew Shepard Head of product Read More
  • Anna Talanska Business development Read More
  • Chris Mwangi Head of content department Read More

Our Product

Our Product

Back in 2017, Andrew Shepard put together a team with whom he decided to develop a quick and innovative version of roulette. A game that would be light to the touch, not too resource hungry and provide players with a simple, yet rewarding experience, just like any roulette game should. This is how Roulette77 came to be, a game so innovative that it spawned an entire project around itself.

A website was born out of the game, bearing the same name, Roulette77, and allowing players from all over the world to experience their beloved game in an immaculate technological environment. Yet, the game takes the experience a little further along. You don’t have to worry about time limits or registering when you play Roulette77. There are no additional downloads or installations you have to satisfy beforehand.

The game works brilliantly for both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy roulette quickly and efficiently. To this date, there have been over 800,000 people who have tried the game, and the numbers keep increasing. To make the experience even better, in 2020, our team released a unique calculator that allows you to calculate your chances of winning by betting a certain number are. We have more interesting things in the pipeline, including a payout calculator available as a mobile app, and more.

Which Casinos We List


Own and Third-Parties’ Experience

We make sure to register and play at each of these recommended casinos ourselves. Specific things we look for is whether casinos follow their bonus terms and conditions or own a verifiable license. Plus, we consider reviews from established websites such as, TrustPilot, AskGamblers, and quite a few others.


Roulette Working Correctly

Another point of our examination of a new casino is to establish that the roulette games listed there work well. We focus on several criteria to determine that, including analyzing the gameplay for bugs, quick loading times, and fair payouts guaranteed by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which must be present in each casino we recommend.


Responsible Gambling Tools

An important part of the experience is the availability of various responsible gambling measures put in place. They include having access to helpful materials as well as self-control tools. These measures should include deposit limits, loss limits, and time session limits. A great roulette casino will usually be part of a national self-exclusion scheme when and if available.


Overall User Experience

We check for great usability by focusing on the platform and how easy it is for you to access it yourself as a player. Our team checks for a handy desktop and mobile experience.


Customer Support

Customer support is another way we determine the quality of a casino. We insist on casinos having great and quick customer service that addresses your questions promptly and resolves issues clearly and efficiently.


Keeping Your Data Safe

Protecting your personal details is another important aspect of the experience, which includes complete privacy of any information you submit to a casino we recommend and list here.


Excellent Bonuses

We also pay attention to the regular and temporal casino bonuses and promotions that apply to the roulette experience in full. Our team checks for adequate T&C’s and wagering requirements.

Work with us

Players, casinos, game developers, businesses: we are ready to contact and cooperate with anyone and any company interested in roulette. To be a part of our global network or to benefit from our services, you can contact us right now using the email below.

However, keep in mind that we do not sell our reviews for money, so our recommendations will always remain objective, and please do not contact us for purposes such as link selling: we will not respond to such requests.

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