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European roulette

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European roulette characteristics:
Straight up35:12,70%
Six Line5:116,20%
Last updated: 15.11.2022 by Andrew Shepard

European roulette is one of the best versions of the game you can play. As such, you will definitely be eager to give it a go and the good news is you can do just that right here at Roulette77’s website.

We offer you a number of versions of European roulette specifically developed by some of the best software manufacturers. But before you dive into the game, let’s look into some specifics of this version and see if they are truly something you would enjoy.

Choosing the Right Table – European Roulette Characteristics

This version of the game is in fact very popular. It’s one of the most preferred ones as well, thanks to its balanced wheel which only features a single zero. You might wonder – why is this important?

Well, it has to do with the house edge. The European version has a great house edge estimated at 2.70% - one of the best. This allows you to even leverage some strategies that could possibly land you better payouts.

As to the bets, you will deal with a pretty standard grid and available bets. The gameplay is very easy and you can play at any online casino that is worth visiting in the first place.

European Roulette’s History

European roulette itself originates in France and was developed for the sake of amusing the aristocracy.

The game featured some additional rules in its native version, but as it spread across the Old World, a standardized version became the new norm and people took fondly to it. The European version is just one of the many versions that mark the amazing 400-year history of this game today.

How Do You Play European Roulette?

This is the best part of the game. While the betting grid and wheel could look a bit complicated, you will soon find out that to play the game, you don’t need much at all. The bet sizes are actually pretty generous. So, what you need to do is:

  1. Choose an amount you are prepared to bet
  2. Select a specific bet type
  3. Place the designated amount on a single/multiple sector(s)
  4. Wait for the wheel to stop spinning so you can collect your winnings

If you want to read in detail about the rules of European Roulette, you can hop over to the relevant section at Roulette77 and study the game you love in detail. Don’t be shy to give it a go yourself!


Can I play European roulette games from a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can play all roulette games out there from a handheld device, whether that is a smartphone or a tablet. You will be able to pick any version of roulette and test it or play it for real money right from your portable device. All roulette games on our site are mobile-friendly.

Should I call European roulette classic roulette?

You can refer to European roulette as classic roulette because of the table layout as well as the wheel. The wheel of European roulette is considered the traditional wheel with a single zero. You will also notice that there are many “side bets” that are available to place on European roulette which keeps their French names in most cases.

How is European roulette different from French roulette?

French and European roulette share many similarities, and particularly in their wheels and the table layout. However, French roulette comes with a smaller house edge if the En Prison and La Partage rules are available. Sometimes only one rule may be available at a particular version, so make sure to always check.

Can I bet with Australian dollars?

You can’t bet any real money currency on our roulette simulators, but you can find many websites where your money will be accepted. We have listed several respected sites where you can play with Australian dollars and make real money bets. Have your pick from our trusted and reviewed casino operators.

Can I win by placing only outside bets?

Of course, you can make a win. In fact, outside bets have the smallest house edge as the chance to turn out a successful bet is closer to 50% notwithstanding the small house edge occasioned by the 0. Most strategies for roulette focus on the outside bets.

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