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The Best Tips for Roulette players

Last updated: 14.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

A lot of casino gaming enthusiasts ask how they can win at roulette. Even though the question is straightforward enough, the answer is anything but simple. This is due to the fact that there are no methods or systems that guarantee a profit. If there was, then roulette would no longer be considered gambling and casinos wouldn’t offer it.

The real question that roulette players should ask is “How do I maximize my chances of winning at roulette?” This is a question that we can provide an answer to. If you want to increase your chances of winning money at the roulette table, then this tutorial is for you. It will give you insight into this exciting game and provide you with a few tidbits of helpful information that you can use to make yourself a better roulette player.


The tips and strategies you are about to learn do not guarantee that you will make money playing roulette. Instead, they are designed to give you a better chance of winning when you play.

A Few Tips Before you Start Playing Roulette

Increasing your chances of winning at roulette starts before you hit the tables. You need to find the right game. Here are a few things to think about before you pick a roulette game.

European Roulette vs. American Roulette

There are a few different variants of roulette, but the two most popular ones are European Roulette and American Roulette. The only real difference between these two versions is that a European roulette wheel features a single zero slot while the American version has a zero and a double zero slot. This might not seem all that significant, but it actually is.

European roulette games come with a 2.70% house edge. What does that mean? Well, it essentially means that you can expect to lose about $2.70 when you place $100 in bets. This is just an average that is based on thousands of rounds. You might win or you might lose your entire bankroll. That’s gambling!

That one additional zero slot on American roulette wheels increases the house edge to 5.26%. That’s nearly double the house edge for European wheels. It also means that the probability of winning a given roulette bet is lowered. If you are playing European roulette, your odds of hitting any even-money bet like Red/Black or High/Low are 48.6%. In American roulette, the odds of hitting the same even-money outside bets is 47.4%.

So, what’s the big deal about a measly 1.2% difference? Well, it doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of a single session. However, it will make a difference over the long term. In the end, you give yourself a better shot at winning at roulette if you play the European version instead of the American game. With that said, some players prefer American roulette games because they find it more challenging and interesting. Still, we recommend that you play American roulette if your goal is to win more money.

American roulette

American Roulette Wheel

European roulette

European Roulette Wheel

Betting Limits

It is important that you understand the bet limits at your roulette table. Bet limits tell you what the maximum and minimum bet amounts are. There are two main categories of bets in roulette. These are inside bets and outside bets. If you place wagers like straight-up bets or corner bets, then you are placing inside bets. Inside bets offer longer odds and bigger potential payouts. Outside bets are even-money wagers like Odd/Even, High/Low, and Black/Red.

You will find that a lot of roulette games have different limits for inside bets and outside bets. For instance, the table you play at might have a $0.10 to $200 limit on outside bets while inside bet limits might be $1 to $500. If you planned to bet $0.50 on inside bets, then you would need to find another table to accommodate your bet amounts.

Bet limits should be a particular concern for roulette players who use betting systems like Fibonacci or Martingale. These systems require players to increase their stake sizes after a losing round. It only takes a few consecutive losses to make the required stake amount exceed the table limit.

You also have to pick a table with limits that suit your bankroll. For example, you can’t expect your session to last too long if you bring a $100 bankroll to a $100-$1,000 table. Conversely, a high roller with a $100,000 bankroll won’t have much if they play at a table with a $10 bet limit. So, if you only have $100, then you are likely best-off playing at a low-limit table. If you have a large bankroll, then you want to look for high-limit tables.

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En Prison and La Partage Roulette

French roulette has a couple of unique features called La Partage and En Prison. How do they work? With the La Partage feature, the table host will refund half of your stake if you place an outside bet and the 0 lands. The En Prison feature also kicks in if you place an outside wager and the 0 lands. In that case, you would simply play the next round. If you win that one, then you will win back the lost bet amount from the last round.

The benefits of En Prison and La Partage should be obvious. The main advantage of choosing a table with one of these features is that the 2.70% house edge becomes a 1.35% house edge. It might not be too noticeable over the course of a single session, but it really adds up over the long term.

Play for Free

You don’t have to play roulette for real money. There are loads of sites on the internet that allow players to play for free using demo mode. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this. Not only do beginners benefit from learning the ropes without risking any money, but more advanced players can play free versions to test various systems and strategies. Roulette77 offers an abundance of demo version roulette games.

Explore complete library of roulette games! 100+ free roulette games Find more games

Multipliers and Bonus Roulette Rounds

Some roulette variants like Quantum Roulette have multipliers. These can significantly boost your profits. What a multiplier does is increase the win amount. For example, let’s say you place a $1 wager straight-up on the number 30. Once all the bets have been a number, or multiplier is randomly generated. Let’s say the multiplier is 5. This means the potential win amount is five times greater. So, if the number 30 lands, then you would win $175 instead of $35. That’s quite a difference!

Some of the most popular roulette games that feature multipliers and/or bonus rounds include:

  • Golden Chip Roulette – Up to 500X Multiplier
  • Lightning Roulette – Multipliers Range Between 50X and 500X
  • Multifire Roulette – Multiply Your Winnings by up to 500X
  • Quantum Roulette – Multipliers up to 500X on Straight-Up Bets
  • Superboost Roulette – Multipliers up to 1,000X

If you want to try roulette games with bonus rounds, then you can play:

  • Age of Gods Roulette
  • Big 500X Roulette
  • Dragon Jackpot Roulette
  • Key Bet Roulette
  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Remember, you can try these games for free in demo mode to get a feel for the rules and subtleties of the games.


Even though roulette is based on luck, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. However, we must repeat that these systems and strategies do not guarantee profits.

Inside Bets vs. Outside Bets

Inside Bets Outside Bets
Inside Bets Outside Bets

You should now know that there are two types of bets you can make in Roulette. Betting straight-up on a number is an inside bet. Wagering on even-money bets like Black/Red, Odd/Even, or High/Low is an outside bet.

The main difference between these two bet types is that inside bets are riskier than outside bets. This is simply due to the odds. Of course, this means that inside bets pay much better than outside bets. Straight-up bets payout at a rate of 35:1 while outside bets only offer even money.

This leaves it up to the individual player to decide whether they want higher risk and higher reward, or lower risk and lower reward. You could easily make arguments for both sides. However, you should always look at profits over the long term.

Imagine that your approach to a session is to only place outside bets. This is a good plan for beginners because your bankroll likely won’t change dramatically unless you endure a long losing streak or a nice hot streak. This allows players to stay in the game a lot longer.

On the other end of the spectrum, inside bets are far more volatile. If you only play straight-up bets throughout a session, you are going to go through long losing spells. The upside is that any wins you pull down will be a lot bigger. Of course, a lot of savvy players like to mix inside bets and outside bets. It’s up to you.

Betting Systems

Anyone who has looked at our Roulette Strategy section knows that there are many systems and strategies out there. The great thing about our strategy section is that we have thoroughly tested over 20 different systems. Again, these aren’t magic formulas that promise profits. However, they can help you maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses.

  • Perhaps the most well-known betting system is the Martingale system. While it’s commonly used for outside roulette bets, it can be applied to almost any type of even-money bets including blackjack and sports betting. The Martingale concept is very simple. You double your stake amount after a loss and keep doubling down until you win. You then return to your base stake amount. There are a few disadvantages to Martingale. For starters, an extended losing streak will decimate your bank roll. You can also find yourself in a situation where the required stake amount exceeds the table limit. As a point of interest, there are a few interesting spin offs of Martingale including the Grand Martingale and Reverse Martingale.
  • The D’Alembert and reverse D’Alembert are also popular betting systems. The main drawback to these approaches is that you need to have a healthy bankroll going into your roulette session.
  • Then there’s the Fibonacci system which is reminiscent of Martingale. The main difference is that the stake increases aren’t quite as radical.

You can have a lot of fun testing various systems. Most of these betting strategies leave a lot of room for experimentation. You can also use different betting systems with different roulette strategies. This leads a lot of players to develop their own unique betting systems. Just be careful and make sure to test any system you want to try on a free demo game.

Know When to Walk Away

One thing that you need to know is that the mathematical expectation in roulette is negative no matter what system or strategy you use. You can’t escape the ever-present house edge. Over time, even the smallest of house edges will eat away at your bankroll.

If you look at any of the tests we’ve run on the various strategies, you will see that your bankroll is destined to eventually evaporate. But you will also notice that many of these strategies can be profitable for short periods. The trick is being able to identify the right time to walk away before the peak turns into a valley. In reality, the time to call it quits is when you are ahead. Of course, that takes a lot of fun out of the equation.

Stop your betting progression in time

Mix Your Bets

You know that there are pros and cons to inside bets and outside bets. You can go high-risk and high-reward, or low-risk and low reward. Still, there aren’t any rules that prevent you from mixing inside bets with outside bets. A winning outside bet can mitigate any lost inside bets. Meanwhile, hitting an inside bet will pay handsomely. You can place these bets on a whim, or come up with a specific set of bets for each round.

Tips for Live Roulette

Even though people still play RNG roulette games, more and more roulette fans are turning to live roulette games. If you prefer playing the live version, then we have a few simple tips and tricks for you.

Plan Your Betting Patterns

One of the challenges in live roulette is being able to get your bets in quickly. While the amount of time you have to place your bets varies depending on the game, you usually only have about 10 to 15 seconds to do it. This doesn’t give you a lot of time to ponder your next move. This is particularly true for those who want to place multiple bets. It isn’t difficult to lose track amidst all the panic. This can result in missing out on wagers and screwing up the strategy.

To help overcome this, look for live roulette games that allow you to save certain betting patterns. This will save you a lot of time and, in turn, reduce your chances of making mistakes.

Play Live Roulette for Free

We are aware that a lot of roulette players want to play live roulette for free. Sadly, this is impossible because live tables simply don’t allow it. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to get closer to the live casino roulette excitement without having to risk your own money.

  • Some of the best live casinos let you connect to the live stream without even having to register. This at least gives you a way to watch and learn. We suggest that you check out the live casinos at 1xbet or 22bet. This also applies to other live casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and game shows.
  • Perhaps the best way to get into the live roulette action for free is by claiming a no-deposit bonus. Roulette77 has a great selection of no-deposit bonuses that you can easily claim. In most cases, all you need to do to claim one is open a new account. You will then receive a casino credit that you can use to play live roulette for real money. Why not use house money to your advantage and have fun while you’re at it?

Tips for Playing at Online Casinos

It’s easy to simply sign up at any random casino and start playing real-money casino games like roulette. However, it’s not the best way to approach things. Make sure to read reviews and select a site that is most suitable to your playing style. If you love roulette, then you should only play at sites that offer a wide range of roulette games and stakes that are in line with your budget.


It behooves you to only play real money casino games like roulette at licensed sites. When a casino has a license, it has demonstrated that it operates to the highest standards. As such, they are most likely to treat you fairly.

Now, you should know that some gambling regulators are more respected than others. Some of the true leaders are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Government of Gibraltar, and the Malta Gaming Authority. Generally speaking, you can trust any site that bears one or more licenses from these authorities.

Best Trusted Online Casinos to Play Roulette

Proceed to casino ratings

Read Reviews

Roulette77 offers a lot more than just roulette-related stuff. One of our most helpful resources is our in-depth online casino reviews. Our experts spend a lot of time assessing online casinos. They then produce their reviews which are honest and objective. This makes it a lot easier to find the best site for you.

While our reviews are an excellent starting point, we urge you to look at other reviews and do a bit of research on any site you may be interested in joining. If you see any red flags, then just move on to the next site. Why take any chances when there are so many great online casinos out there?

Be Careful With Bonuses

Almost any online casino you visit will offer you a welcome bonus. It’s easy to find bonus cash offers, free spins, or a combination of both. It’s also easy to claim these bonuses. In most instances, you just have to sign up, claim the bonus, and then make a qualifying deposit to activate the bonus.

Be aware that a lot of bonuses and promotional offers look a lot better than they actually are. You have to look beyond the splashy headline and read the small print. This is where the real value of the bonus offer is revealed.

The one major condition you need to find out is the wagering requirement. This tells you how much you have to spend before you can withdraw your bonus. For example, you claim $100 in bonus cash through a match deposit bonus offer. This imaginary offer comes with a 70X wagering requirement. This means you need to wager $7,000 to release that $100 bonus. Don’t be surprised if you end up taking a net loss on such a venture. The point here is that you should only claim bonuses that have relatively low wagering requirements. A little bit of basic math will tell you whether it’s worth it.

You should consider that certain games contribute different amounts toward the wagering condition. While 100% of each bet on slots normally counts, expect only about 10% of roulette bets to count. In other words, the wagering requirement will be exponentially higher if you want to reach it by playing roulette. That’s assuming roulette’s even an option.

A much better alternative to traditional welcome bonuses are cashback offers. These can provide a continuous source of income although a lot of these schemes are predicated on you losing money at the casino. Of course, no-deposit bonuses are hard to refuse because they don’t cost you a thing and they give you a chance to win real money. We have some awesome no-deposit bonuses listed in our promotions section.

Responsible Gambling

Roulette might offer one of the smallest house edges, but you have to remember that it’s still gambling. As such, it is crucial that you approach roulette responsibly. For starters, playing roulette is no way to make a living because it’s nearly impossible unless the gambling gods owe you a huge favor. Instead, roulette and all other gambling games are merely forms of entertainment.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of casino players develop troubling symptoms. If you want to greatly reduce your chances of becoming a problem gambler, you should make use of the safe gambling tools that are found at the best online casinos. We will now familiarize you with these tools which are usually found in your account profile.

Set Limits

Just as you would do with any other form of entertainment, you should establish a realistic budget. Once you’ve done that, you can go to the safe gambling section of your player profile and set limits on the amount of money you can spend in a day, week, or month. Once you have reached that limit, you will no longer be able to deposit money until the next cycle comes around. This will definitely prevent you from overspending at the expense of life’s other necessities like food, rent, and utility bills. Don’t worry, you can always change your limits if you want to.

Bankroll Management

Set your limits in your account

You can’t play real money roulette without a bankroll. It’s also a fact that some people can afford bigger gambling bankrolls than others. You have to make do with what your budget allows. One way to protect your bankroll is establishing a base stake amount. This is referred to as a unit.

There are no universal rules relating to unit size, but a lot of experienced gamblers set their base stake amount at about 2% of their total bankroll. So, if you have $1,000, then you would have a $20 unit. If you have $100 to play with, then a $2 unit is suitable. One of the best things about the 2% approach is that it allows you to easily endure long losing streaks.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

As mentioned, a small percentage of gamblers develop troubling habits that can have devastating consequences. If you are concerned about your gambling health or someone else’s gambling, there are several support groups that you can reach out to. GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous are two of the most well-known agencies. Your online casino will typically have the contact information in their responsible gambling sections. These services are free and they are ready to hear from you 24/7.

Exclusive Tips from Experts

We value the input of other roulette experts. So much so that we reached out to several of them to hear about their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. You can find their valuable input below.

  • Have you tried wheel defect-based strategies? And what do you think about these methods?

    There's no such thing as a physically perfect wheel. All wheels exhibit some form of bias, but rarely is it enough alone to overcome the house edge. In many cases though, an exploitable bais will occur in the short-term but only under certain conditions (for example, with specific rotor speed ranges, and ball combinations). The problem is bias analysis requires lots of data, and finding short-term bias still requires long-term data. There are still ways around it, like by observing things like the sound of the ball hitting specific parts on a wheel.

    Contrary to popular belief, biased wheels are common. But there are far better ways of getting an edge in roulette. The main problem with biased wheel analysis in modern conditions is the time it takes, and general impracticality. You could spend weeks to find an exploitable biased wheel, and even then the edge would be only slight - and it would take too long to make sufficient profit. It's just not an efficient way to make money in todays casinos.

    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
  • What methods of managing your bankroll do you use?

    When you have an edge, there is not such a need to manage bankroll. Successful play more relies on consistent application of your method for an edge, and having sufficient bankroll to overcome short-term losing streaks. You generally do not use betting progression, except potentially increasing bets as you win. Methods that rely wholly on bankroll management, without increasing accuracy of predictions (to change their odds of winning) will eventually fail.

    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
  • We know there are more chances of success in roulette with one 0. However, some players purposefully choose roulette with 00. What is the specific motivation for this choice?

    The 0/00 game is traditional and easy to find on any gaming floor which makes it more popular. The 0/SR/European Roulette version is only in the high end casinos and in the high limit room which makes it less accessible.

    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
  • Is it possible in practice to use the data from the statistics of cold/hot numbers with benefit (to have an advantage)? Or is this statistic just an indicator of the correct operation of this or that table?

    The hot/cold indicator is just to show the customers the last numbers that have been hitting or not hitting and really has no advantage to the game. It’s similar to Baccarat where they have the screen there to show all the recent hits of the shoe. Whether it’s been Player/Banker/Pairs/Ties or Dragons. Really doesn’t change anything of the game but it lets the superstitious players feel like they know what’s going on (Baccarat has one of the biggest “holds” in the casinos), so the screen showing all the previous hits is a bunch of malarkey.

    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
  • Could you give the main advice to newbie roulette players who only start their own roulette experience?

    A beginner should only play for pleasure. Roulette is not suitable for making money. I will explain why in my response to your second question.

    Christian Kaisan Professional roulette player, inventor of "Kesselgucken" method
    Christian Kaisan Professional roulette player, inventor of "Kesselgucken" method
  • Possibly work out a successful long-term strategy for roulette play? Because as we know, in short-term, players have many ways to win, but if we play long sessions regularly, we have less probability of winning.

    At Roulette, the player has a long term disadvantage of 1.35% to 5,26% against the house. This disadvantage cannot be overcome with statistical or other mathematical means.

    This means is no viable winning system on this basis. The only successful strategy I know of uses physics and mathematics. Roulette is a fairly simple mechanical process and is therefore predictable. The problem is that it is difficult to get enough information. Also, most players don't even know what information they need to look for in order to capitalize on it. In my time since 1983 I have been to around 2,000 casinos on every continent and met less than 20 people who have played and won this way. Unfortunately, this strategy has hardly been applicable to me for a few years now, because the new roulette wheels now have a huge spread and I have been banned in many countries after winning.

    Christian Kaisan Professional roulette player, inventor of "Kesselgucken" method
    Christian Kaisan Professional roulette player, inventor of "Kesselgucken" method
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