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Free Games Versus Real Money Roulette, Which Is Better?

When players choose to play roulette online, there are just so many things to consider. There are the odds to keep an eye out for, the table limits, and strategy you have chosen to follow. Understandably, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

However, when playing online roulette in Australia, you will find that both the demo games you play for fun and real money sites have their upsides. We will help you see the benefits to both versions of the game and pick the one you are the happiest with. Here’s a quick breakdown of free and real money roulette’s advantages.

  • Great for learning the basics and strategy
  • Helpful in mastering popular strategies
  • Carries no real financial risk for the players
  • Can start over as many times as you wish
  • Good way to pass the time with a casual game
Real Money
  • Allows you to win real money and has good RTP
  • Players tend to enjoy real money roulette better
  • Many live dealer roulette games by different studios
  • Real money bonuses available and other promos available
  • Always available at the best casinos with good table limits

Popular and Historic Variations of Roulette

Australian players can enjoy all versions of casino roulette these days, but then again, knowing what games you are betting your precious AUD on is always useful knowledge. As it turns out, the game of roulette has evolved to feature many popular and arguably some less so variants. Today, we will take a look at those games that have defined the roulette experience throughout the ages, and a few outliers that still have their charm even if they are not as popular any more. We will discuss the classic versions first as well as one of the more aggressive versions known simply as American Roulette.

  • European Roulette – Often referred to as the classic version of the game, the European variant comes with a 2.70% house edge and a single zero on the wheel. The wheel is designed to eliminate any bias and most people prefer this version, as it allows them to place some interesting betting combinations and expect a good return.
  • French Roulette – The French version of the game is one of the most exciting iterations, as it comes with a 1.34% house edge if the En Prison and La Partage rules are applied. These two rules make it somewhat easier for a player to negate the inherent advantage that is associated with the single zero.
  • American Roulette – One of the latest inventions in the game’s lineage, American Roulette comes with two zeros which influence the house edge and place it around 5.24%. The two zeroes, however, allow players to make a unique five-number bet that many roulette enthusiasts enjoy.
European roulette
American roulette

Now, after we have had a look at some of the traditional games and especially you will find at any land-based casino in the company of a croupier, it’s time to see what other versions exist even if they are not as popular.

  • English Roulette as the game is otherwise known, is a variation of the French game. However, there are some key differences. For starters, only seven players can participate in this version. Another interesting element is that every player gets to play with their own special colour bets.
  • Deutsches Roulette is a version that successfully combines elements of French and English roulette. The chips in the German version have only face value and players can ask what specific differences there are in the value of individual chips.
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette offers not one but eight wheels that spin simultaneously to produce different outcomes. However, you can’t place bets on a separate wheel, but place only one bet that then applies to all wheels. Many players enjoy this version and prefer it over alternatives.
  • Mini Roulette – This game is a simplified version of the European archetype, using a wheel with only 13 numbers. The bets that do not cover the 0 will usually have a 3.85% house edge, however, if you do try to cover the 0, you will see the house edge increasing to 7.69%.
  • Double Ball Roulette – This game uses two balls and either a standard single 0 wheel or a double 0 wheel. The game is designed to shoot the balls at different times, although almost simultaneously, preventing the balls from hitting each other as they travel the cone and land in the pockets.

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette is a very straightforward game, which has made it one of the most popular casino games you can experience yourself. There are several elements to the gameplay, and they are all important. To start playing, you will need to meet several conditions to be met. The participants in a game of roulette include the players and the croupier. The game begins simply:

  1. All players place their bet or bets
  2. Every bet can have a different size
  3. The croupier shuts down the betting phase
  4. The roulette wheel spins to determine winners
  5. Winning and losing bets are processed

Now, for a game of roulette to happen, you will need the game’s key elements. They include:

  1. A quality roulette table
  2. A single or double zero wheel
  3. Roulette ball for the croupier to spin

Each of these elements allows the game to proceed as normal. The roulette table must be flat and steady and the wheel must be built according to the strictest gaming criteria to provide a bias free outcome of every spin.

In the online version of the game, when you can play roulette with a mobile app or enjoy 3D roulette, the casino must have a Random Number Generator (RNG) to guarantee the authenticity of each outcome on the roulette wheel.

Players are free to place as many bets as they wish. There are various combinations you can choose from, which you can reference in our dedicated table for further details. You can bet as long as you still have chips or just re-buy from the casino cashier if you have run out.

Bet Payout Odds (european and french) Odds (american)
Straight up 35:1 2,70% 2,60%
Split 17:1 5,40% 5,30%
Street 11:1 8,10% 7,90%
Corner 8:1 10,80% 10,50%
5 numbers 6:1 - 13.20%
Six Line 5:1 16,20% 15,80%
Column 2:1 32,40% 31,60%
Dozen 2:1 32,40% 31,60%
Even/Odd 1:1 48,60% 47,40%
Red/Black 1:1 48,60% 47,40%
High/Low 1:1 48,60% 47,40%

Systems and Strategies

Another important aspect of the experience is to tailor your gameplay to a specific system. There are many time-tested and proven strategies that you may use and make sure that you are playing based on a mathematically-founded consistency. Roulette strategies certainly give a shot to include Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alembert.

Each of these is unique in its own but overall, you will notice that it’s about patterns and progression. For example, in Martingale, all you need to do is double up on any loss until you break even, and then continue to play with a fixed amount.

Martingale is very easy to follow, but so is Fibonacci, which just asks you to repeatedly place the same number of bets in a specific sequence. All you need to do is to stick with the strategy and complete a sequence before withdrawing.

Lastly, we have D’Alembert which has been named after another mathematician. In this strategy, what you want to do is play according to a negative progression. Each time you lose a bet, you will just decrease your next bet by one unit and restart as soon as you win. Most players agree that Martingale looks like the most novice friendly of the three and they stick to it. If you play roulette for money though, you can rely on all three stratagems.

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Do you have any restrictions on the online roulette site?

There are no restrictions when it comes to playing on our website. However, we remind everyone who likes to participate and test any of the games we offer that they must be of the legal gambling age which is 18+. As to the rest of our offer, you can explore our detailed roulette insights, read up all about the best strategies, and generally test these strategies in our simulator. You will also be able to play around the clock without any time limitations and find a shortcut to the best and most trusted casino sites that offer the game for real money.

What are the best online roulette casinos for Australian players?

There are several casinos where you would want to try the game. We have recommended several select brands as we hold them to be the most reliable out there, including BitStarz, Playamo, Betchain, and 7bit. Each of these brands provides players with provably fair gaming conditions which means that you can play based on a strategy and expect good results. The websites we recommend are also safe and use reliable software to guarantee the best possible experience for novice players and veterans alike.

How to play for real money on your site?

While you cannot play roulette for money on our website directly, we offer some of the best recommendations where to find the game. All you need to do is deposit and start playing. We will help you only look up those brands that have the proven track record and provide you with tested solutions that will make every gaming session you start a real delight. More importantly, we will also help you find a site which offers great bonuses as well.

Can I download roulette from you?

It’s flattering that you ask that but for the time being, we only offer a 3D version of the game online. As we understand demand for such a solution is growing, we are considering adding a downloadable version of the simulator, but we recommend that you stay tuned for updates on this.

What if I am addicted to the game?

Addiction should always be taken very seriously. You should try to exclude yourself from casinos and seek professional help. Make sure to close all your casino accounts and get in touch with who are highly-trained and respected specialists who focus on helping problem gamblers in Australia specifically. The important thing is to admit that you have an issue with gambling. Once you do, you will be able to take the necessary steps to resolve this problem.

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