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$150 Roulette Strategy

This is one of the most interesting strategies in roulette – yet, it’s little known to Australian players. Today, we take a closer look at the $150 Roulette Strategy and what it stands for, and what it offers to players. Remember that you can take the core principle of the strategy and scale it down to accommodate your own budget.

How the $150 System Works

The $150 System is actually very simple, and this is one of its biggest charms. Here is what you need to do when it comes down to the $150 System Works:

  • Wager AU$ 50 on two of the available Dozens
  • Cover the 10 remaining open Dozens spaces with AU$ 5 straight-up bets

This means that there are just three numbers that we haven’t covered, and we have a 91.89% chance of winning.

$150 System

So, what would happen next? Here are three of the possible outcomes:

  • You win one of the Dozens bets. You will not incur any net losses, and you push.
  • You win the straight-up bets. This fetches you AU$ 30 profit this round.
  • We lose. Then we incur a AU$ 150 loss.

OK, so what have we learned? Basically, we can either break even, win AU$ 30, or lose AU$ 150. The chance to lose is some 9% which is not too much, but all in all, the strategy tends to be better, at least in theory, than 24+8.

You are probably thinking of 24+8 a lot reading about the $150 System, and this is normal. In a way, the latter is just a scaled-up version of the former at a rate of 5x. But let’s now focus on how the $150 System actually plays and feels instead of speculating about it.


  • Spin 1

    We win our first Dozens – this is a push

  • Spin 2

    We hit a straight-up bet for a AU$ 30 profit

  • Spin 3

    We end up hitting another straight-up bet for a AU$ 30 profit

  • Spin 4

    We now miss any wager, and we are down AU$ 150, mitigated by our AU$ 60 profit – a net loss of AU$ 90

  • Spin 5

    We end up with another Dozens bets, which is a push. We end up with a AU$ 90 loss

Putting the $150 Strategy to the Test

We have decided to put this system to the test and see how successful it can be in the long term. Players are invited to take a look as they see fit. For starters, the system is based on Google Sheets simulation, where we have run the system across several fictional players. Each player had a AU$ 1,000 bankroll and played this strategy for 500 consecutive turns.

$150 Strategy to the Test

Here is what our test revealed. All in all, the results were actually quite encouraging. Players actually turned a profit, which is a very big surprise from the 24+8 system, where we established that players mostly tended to lose. Well, here, things tend to be a bit different. The first player peaked at AU$ 1120 on the 25th move, and the second player reached AU$ 1210 on the 36th move, followed by the third player with AU$ 1480 on the 128th move, and not least – the fourth player who hit AU$ 1330 on the 119th move.

Even though these bettors tended to be somewhat successful in testing the $150 System, it’s still worth noting that you are effectively carrying a five-fold risk compared to the basic $150 system which should definitely come into consideration when you are looking to place your bets smartly. You need to come prepared and bring a sufficient bankroll along with you.

Dangers of $150 System

Just like many other systems out there, $150 System is not without its pitfalls. This is why we need to understand that the system will not fare so well in the long term. While we saw all test players actually score a decent profit, we still need to acknowledge that this system is not without its faults, and it may just as well misfire just like 24+8 has been known to do.

Whether you wish to accept this argument is, of course, down to a personal choice. However, we insist that no matter how you feel about the system in general, there is one thing that cannot be denied – this system is not a good idea for small bankrolls as you will need to consistently place wagers of AU$ 150. While you do not run a risk of betting over the table limit, you still do need to have sufficient funds.

24+8 used the Martingale mechanic to try and catch up for its losses, but it was generally not very successful to begin with because of the rapid scaling of the bankroll and the subsequent losses that it incurred (as is the case with most progression systems). The $150 System has the benefit of not being a progressive system in that regard.


So, what’s the wrap-up here? Well, the $150 system is very similar to the 24+8 system, but it doesn’t involve any scaling. While the base amount is greater than in the 24+8 system, you do not scale up your bet size after every loss, which means that you never run the risk of actually breaking the table limit.

Rather, you need to bring a very solid bankroll along with it to withstand a loss. The $150 system has a AU$ 27.03% of making a profit and around 8.11% chance of making a loss. This means you have a 64.86% chance of a push. Bear in mind that you need to have 5 wins to compensate for each loss.

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