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Testing 64% Roulette System

Ever heard of the 64% roulette system? Well, you are in luck because we have it explained for you. The system essentially tells you that you have 64% of winning, which is decent. The system is admittedly most popular among experienced Australian players, and new players will not know it all too well. Let’s take a look.

How the 64% System Works

This strategy is about progression. The 64% is both easy to learn and use, and it will give you some interesting advantages when using it. Basically, you need to do as follows:

  • Bet 1 unit each on any two Dozens
  • Every time you lose, you increase the bet following the following progression: 1-1, 3-3, 9-9, 27-27, and so forth. The entire strategy pivots around the number three
  • We bet 1 unit again after we have won

What is the logic? Well, not that hard! By betting on two of the available Dozens, we cover 24 out of the 37 numbers on a European roulette wheel. We now have a 64.8% chance of winning and a 35.2% chance of losing.

64% System Works
  • Spin 1

    We bet AU$ 1 on each of the two Dozens and lose

  • Spin 2

    Now, we stake AU$ 3 on each of the two Dozens again – we lose again

  • Spin 3

    We bet AU$ 9 on each of the two Dozens and lose again

  • Spin 4

    We now push the betting amount to AU$ 27 for each of the two Dozens

  • Spin 5

    Now that we have won, we are going to go back to betting AU$ 1

Let’s Test 64% System to a Test and See for Ourselves

To get a quick test in, we will use Google Sheets and then simulate a 1000-spin play session with a 68.8% chance of winning and a 35.2% of losing. Basically, we will use the same progression as agreed, so 1-1-, 3-3, 9-9, and 27-27. We also want to see how well players are doing. So, we are actually going to simulate three individual players, each starting with AU$ 1,000 and 1000 spins to their name.

64% System to the Test 3

As we can see, the first player didn’t even make it through the sequence. They ran through to the 478th spin and ended up busting their bankroll. On this occasion, the 64% System didn’t work. Let’s see what the second player did.

64% System to the Test 2

The second player was put in a similarly bad position. They only lasted for about 315 rounds before running out of bankroll to continue.

64% System to the Test

Then there was the third player who actually managed to finish the progression and won AU$ 1,657 as a result. His results were the most impressive and he has done well. In a way, his victory resembles that of some of the tests we have run using Martingale.

Things to Mind about 64% Strategy

While obviously, a great way to end up with a big chunk of extra money, 64% System involves a fair degree of risk and quick scaling of the amounts that you need to spend. Because of the fact you are betting on Dozens – and two at the time, you are actually entering your play more aggressively than most traditional strategies.

Our own tests established that Australian players looking to actually use this strategy run a very solid risk of rapidly burning through their bankroll. Two of the players we tested didn’t break it past the 500th round. We ran similar simulations to support our claim. It’s also important to note at what point a player is unlikely to have any more money to play with.

By combining the amount, you need to bet, you would have to be staking 2-6-18-54-162-486. This means that at the sixth win, you are already looking not to be able to place any more bets. The probability of this happening is about 0.18%.

Final Words about 64% System

All in all, this is a system that is very easy to understand. The system will allow you to quickly pick any two Dozens columns that you want to explore and make the best of the situation. However, if you don’t have the bankroll to support this strategy, you may want to explore other options.

We recommend Australian players to turn to somewhat safer and slower strategies, such as Martingale, which is designed to exclusively help you go at a much easier pace. A Martingale system allows you to lose about ten bets, before you run out of options.

This also means that you will be to move through the betting rounds a little more tamely and enjoy yourself as you go along and do so. The system is generally considered to be more novice-friendly than is 64%.

Of course, there are other drawbacks to consider here when you go with a head-to-head comparison of the two. The drawback of Martingale is that it’s a little too “mundane.” Going through AU$ 1,000 and 1000 spins will take a lot of time because Martingale usually recommends to play at the lowest possible unit, i.e. one. This is a much safer bet than the massive amounts you will be throwing down when playing 64% in comparison.

However, some players may see 64% as a quicker way to realize a gain or get a result. After all, there is little to support the argument that Martingale is necessarily a better strategy or that it would help players win more in the long-term. Our own testing shows the same result. Therefore, whichever strategy you choose, it’s important to be aware of its strengths and weaknesses.

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