How to Play Roulette with Bitcoin?

Despite the growth of the online casino industry and the introduction of new games, the game of roulette has never faded away from the scene. There is a thrill in watching the ball perform laps around the wheel and reaching its ultimate position. Players can bet on numbers, colors or even and odd cells while playing online roulette. It wouldn’t be wrong to call online roulette a social game as opposed to Craps. Roulette draws an excited crowd throughout the game.  

Roulette players are considered to be the most introspective of all the gamblers. However, we know that ultimately it is a factor of luck that plays a prominent role in the world of gambling. Sometimes picking the right casino can also prove to be a wise move that a player can make. When playing for real money on popular online casinos, a roulette player can easily make attractive profits by applying simple strategies.


Betting with Bitcoin

As the game is quite popular with both online players and those who play at traditional casinos, you will find players always looking to play free roulette and try their luck. Especially the various online casinos offer plenty of payment methods for the convenience of players who are logging in different parts of the world to play online on their platform.

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that is really making headlines all over the world these days. So it’s only natural that even online casinos now accept bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin offers a much easier form of transactions which doesn’t attract extra fee unlike the Credit Cards/wire transfer mode of payments. Its popularity has even spread to many land-based casinos as well which now accept bitcoins.

There may be skeptics who believe that bitcoin transactions have no reliability, but they need to know that they can’t be any further from the truth. Sever of the established and reputed casino game software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming & Realtime Gaming are tied up with Bitcoin payment methods. These software providers now have multiple variations of online live roulette games that are quite fun to play with the potential of earning big.


Roulette Variations

There are three popular variations of the Roulette game:

European Roulette: This is the most popular version of the game that is played the most world over by millions. This game usually attracts the mass players and high rollers with a thunderous crowd cheering across the table.

American Roulette: This is mostly played in North American and UK based casinos. Compared to the European version, the American roulette has more house edge as the probability of a player winning big is reduced.

French Roulette is also quite a popular due to the fact that the player has the probability of winning back half their stake when they place an even money bet and the roulette ball lands on zero. This means the house edge is also reduced to half and player's risks are little.